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Work In Progress

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A toolkit of strategies to deal with whatever life throws at you

Who needs it?

This practical approach is for everyone who feels that situations sometimes get the better of them by creating stress, anxiety and feeling that things aren’t working out quite as they had hoped.
If not dealt with, our health, well-being and ability to run our lives are all at risk.

How does it work?

There are so many self help books out there full of advise, guidance and general support. Work In Progress is different; a 6 week program will help you write your own ‘book’ and build your skills and experience.
You will develop strategies, have the opportunity and guidance to practise these, and create a tool kit, enabling you to build sustainable success and control over your life.
Growing confidence in the decisions you make and in your ability to take control will enable you to focus on the important things in life.

Work In Progress

WIP is a program built from the ground up by Carole Darbyshire and is designed to enable you to develop practical ways to develop strategies to deal with life and combat stress at work, home and in social situations.
This is not just ‘talking shop’. This is a practical approach with goals being set and achieved. A bit like going to the gym (for the mind and well-being) – the pace of success depends on how much work you want to do. The more you practise, the more you build your mental and emotional muscles and your resilience.
We will look at ways of developing successful habits, creating successful outcomes – and with habits; practise makes perfect!
Just as importantly, we look at ways of measuring the success you’ve achieved and ensuring that the steps taken are sustainable by developing a plan for the future.

Week 1

We play catch-up, you take the lead so we know just what is happening in your life. We agree priorities and determine the best approach.

Week 2

We identify the skills that you currently have, develop ways of using these to best advantage, look for gaps and begin building your tool kit, self help resource.

Week 3

We design interventions and exercises to enable you to practice new strategies and build successful habits.

Week 4

We assess your experiences so far, refine and develop the interventions.

Week 5

We build sustainability; understand flash points, signs and symptoms – why some things work and others don’t – practise those that do work.

Week 6

We recognise and celebrate successful interventions, complete the tool kit resource and ensure that you are feeling back in control.

The Evidence

A study of the program over the last two years found:

  • 97% of clients said the sessions had enabled recovery
  • 97% of clients said they had been given the tools to enable them to cope well

Of those in work:

  • 95% said the sessions had helped them to stay in work

Of those clients absent due to illness:

  • 97% were able to return to their work role successfully