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Bolton Counselling Services is run by Carole Darbyshire and is open to anyone in the Greater Manchester Area

Services include:

  • Counselling
  • Life Coaching
  • CBT
  • Solution Focussed Therapies
  • Mindfulness

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Counselling… Who Needs It?

Life is a rollercoaster – We all face times when a situation, relationship or loss overwhelms us and stress and anxiety become a daily reality.
If not dealt with, our health, well-being, ability to run our lives, and our ability to work effectively, are all at risk.

For Individuals, Couples and Families

Relationships, family breakup, loss, teenage struggles and life changes can all affect our ability to cope with and enjoy life

For Work Teams and Groups

Developing successful teams, building management strategies and professional life coaching are all vital to the success of an organisation. We can help in all of these areas, providing tailor-made support.

Employee Assistance and Staff Care

Staff-care services, retirement preparation, providing critical incident debriefing and managing absenteeism; working alongside staff and supporting them to return to work successfully. We have programs which build on the strengths of organisations and of individuals, enabling the best outcomes.

Counselling and therapeutic interventions offer the chance to take time out and see things from a different perspective. It is a unique opportunity to discover strengths and develop skills in other areas that will enable you to create solutions that are successful and sustainable, whatever the situation.